The many faces of riha WeserGold!

Non-alcoholic beverages from Richard Hartinger are appreciated at home, at work and when on the move. But did you know that we are also good hosts? First-class catering establishments are also part of the group and its portfolio also incorporates the high art of brewers and distillers.

  • Stadtkater

    In the heart of the old quarter of Rinteln, in the basement of the old town hall, you will find the cosy 'Stadtkater' bistro café. Here you can leave the hectic everyday-life behind and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere from morning till night, whether over breakfast or coffee or one of our culinary specialities!

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  • Schwechower Obstbrand

    Schwechower fruit brandy is distilled using only the finest, most aromatic fruits. Thanks to many years of experience in fruit processing and state-of-the-art distillery technology, Schwechower fruit brandy is a real treat for lovers of the finest pleasures in life. Numerous DLG awards (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society) attest to the outstanding quality of Schwechower fruit brandies.

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  • Waldkater

    At the beginning of the 1980s, riha WeserGold opened the 'Waldkater' hotel, with its own brewery, in Rinteln, where the company is based. Since then, numerous visitors have been coming to Rinteln from all over the world to enjoy a good glass of 'Hartinger Meisterbräu' beer or a fine 'Schwechower Obstbrand' fruit brandy in a homely atmosphere.

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