Fructa Getränkeindustrie GmbH, Rinteln

The company has a dual role within the riha group.

Operationally, it is responsible for the distribution of the semi-finished carrot products. These are juice concentrates and NFC juice from both conventional and organic carrots, packed in barrels or, if required, loose in a tank train.

Fructa Getränkeindustrie is also responsible for all foreign companies in the riha group and acts as their legal holding.

Fructa Getränkeindustrie GmbH
Behrenstr. 44-64
31737 Rinteln

Phone: +49 5751 404-0
Fax: +49 5751 404-214


Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

In Barendrecht, the marketing of raw materials is organised via Tropicalia Continental Industries B.V. due to its proximity to the port and the marketing of the finished products in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom and Ireland is conducted via Tropicalia Beverages Industries B.V.

Full use is made of the good logistics infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Limas, France

In particular the special requirements of the market in France have been addressed with the integration of the Groupe Fructa Partner (GFP) in Limas. In addition to the marketing of the products from riha WeserGold's own production sites, CFP markets a variety of beverages that are not in the portfolio of the riha WeserGold group.

With this comprehensive service for trading partners, GFP has become an important player in the market in France. Despite the international orientation, it is ensured that national requirements are also identified and appropriate solutions provided.

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