By virtue of its many large-scale investments, riha WeserGold always manages to stay one step ahead of the state-of-the-art. The juice concentrates for the beverage production are delivered from selected fruit-growing regions from all over the world to riha WeserGold´s production sites. These are processed with great care and with an eye to retaining their nutritional value.

Fully automatic bottling plants package the drinks and transport them to the fully automatic high-rise storage depot. The firm's own laboratory checks all products for purity and thus guarantees top quality. Growing crops in a natural manner, using as little pesticides as possible, is of prime importance for riha WeserGold.

The technical data of riha WeserGold's three domestic operations provide convincing proof of its success : Rinteln, Waibstadt and Dodow have altogether more than 70,000 square metres of factory space, more than 52,000 square metres of roofed-over storage space and an outdoor storage area amounting to 89,000 square metres. Rinteln´s daily capacity of 2.3 million cartons and 1.9 million bottles is considerably higher than that of Waibstadt (1.5 million cartons, 1.4 million bottles) and Dodow (700,000 cartons, 1.5 million bottles).

For many years, the management has been increasingly focusing on environmentally friendly technology. State-of-the-art biological purification plants ensure that the waste water used for cleaning the empty bottles, and in the production process, is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, the company is constantly working on making more use of environmentally friendly energy. Accordingly, the energy supply in Rinteln has been predominantly switched to natural gas.

To preserve resources, riha WeserGold also produces returnable glass bottles and PET recyclable bottles as reusable systems.

The filling, cleaning and purification plants are just as modern and efficient. In cases where it is less sensible to use reusable bottles due to long delivery channels, carton packaging is preferred.

At present, however, there is also a great deal of time and effort being spent on expanding PET filling capacity.

Especially in the area of cold aseptic filling of PET bottles, riha WeserGold is currently market leader.

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