• Fruit juice beverages

    Fruit juice beverages are included in the refreshment beverage category. They contain less fruit than fruit nectars. Here, too, the percentage of fruit is legally prescribed. Orange juice beverages must contain at least 6% fruit, but this is often exceeded and, in the case of orange juice drinks, it is generally 20%.


  • Spritzers

    Fruit spritzers contain lots of pure, natural goodness and are preferably made with mineral water. The ever-popular apple spritzer generally contains 60% fruit; the minimum fruit content is the same as that for fruit nectars. Fruit spritzers contain no added sugar, only the natural sugars that are present in the fruit.


  • Tea beverages

    Tea is, after water, the second most consumed beverage worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that the proportion of ready-to-drink (RTD) tea beverages is growing steadily and now on trend-scales has become indispensable.The new variety of tea drinks here are almost no limits flavors that touch the senses, combined with functional and natural sweetening ingredients such as honey, maple syrup, stevia allow consumers a break from their stressful everyday life.


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